On Acting


Someone pointed out that I never post about my acting. There are a few good reasons…


As my mother’s Alzheimer’s ate away at her over the past few years, I could not commit to a play being staged months in the future. During those years, I daily expected a call requiring urgent travel to her care home in the UK. I could not risk letting down all the other actors by suddenly disappearing just before opening night. That’s not in my nature.

So that put my stage acting to rest.

Screen 1

Small speaking parts in movies usually have short lead times so I could take the risk. Continue reading

Whence Inspiration?

Inspiration Train

On a recent 3 hour train journey, I was forced to consider creative inspiration to save myself from insanity. I can make the drive in 2.5 hours at legal speeds, but the chance to relax was worth the the extra 30 minutes. However…

My netbook battery failed after an hour, so I became more aware of the journey than usual. A writer wastes nothing, so what could this journey inspire in me? I asked where stories come from in an earlier post – would I be gifted with an answer? Read on…

From where does that magical Inspiration spring?

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