The Price of Fame

Beware Book Pirates!

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been running an Instafreebie promotion (where science fiction readers sign up to my newsletter and receive a free copy of my novel, “FACES OF JANUS“).

Then Google Alerts notified me that the novel was available on a few pirate sites. I checked and found that one site claimed not only to have my novels but also every anthology I ever was published in. Some charge for their copies (and keep the income). Others hand out copies for free. Forever.

I explored a few pirate sites’ extensive book lists. Some of these pirates claim to have as many ebooks as Amazon! Most likely, these were cover shots only and downloaders would get a nice virus instead of my book. (Be warned!)

As my free offer was limited in time and scope, I was at first unhappy about this. But I decided to ignore it, because… Continue reading

So Where Have I Been?

Debt Collector in Storm in the Stars

Andy as Debt Collector in A Storm in the Stars

I took a long break between posts this year. I’m sure you noticed.

So where have I been? Continue reading

Who Killed Asta Nielsen?

Doctor gazing at the snow while everyone works hard setting-up

Doctor gazing at the snow while everyone works hard setting-up

Just finished my work on, “Who Killed Asta Nielsen?“, the first movie made by Equinox Productions, Luxembourg.

Watching everyone else working hard

Watching everyone else working hard

I had a ball – the cast is superb, the crew excellent. Go see it if you get a chance and like serious movies.

I was lucky enough to deliver the first line to be recorded in their first movie!

Hey – I am a future Trivial Pursuits answer!

And, by the way, isn’t it amazing what makeup can do to the appearance of a slim, youthful, cheerful guy?