Bright Lights, Dark Lives

Has all the elements of a 1950s private eye yarn.” M. Ruth Myers
“Loved this book, a classic LA Noir, with a twist of the paranormal.” M. Louisa Locke

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1950s L.A. Down-at-heel private eye back from the war takes a case he doesn’t want but can’t afford to turn down.
The client is lying. The Feds are lying. Even his friends are lying.
Along the way, he runs afoul of the mob. Their tame cops are leaning on him. People around him start dying.
The only bright light is the librarian he’s fallen for whose life he puts at risk.
He can handle all that, but now he’s seeing a ghost.
Or is he…?

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smaller image for wp “There’s three things I never touch…

Movietown, the Moneyed, and the Mob.

Here’s why.”

… Coming in 2023


Sequel: Pure Truth… in the works