66 and Counting…

I made it. Sixty-six years old!


And counting.


So how does it feel?

I asked myself that last year. The answer’s pretty much the same as then…

It feels like when I was younger. You know — 65, 64…?

But a year ago, I hadn’t published any novels and here I am, finalizing #3.

My wife and I had a quiet day, just the two of us for lunch at my favorite Curry House followed by her wonderful chocolate orange cheesecake.

Last year, I was in the UK and celebrated with my Mom at her care home.

But this year I didn’t celebrate it with my Mom. She’s no longer around to share anything with. So I set aside a little time for quiet reminiscing.

And what do I hope for in the coming year?
  • Another birthday!
  • Sanity to infect the world’s governments (requested for the 2nd year running)
  • Continuing sales growth for my novels
  • A few more speaking parts in movies
  • My daughters to receive the rewards they have labored for and deserve
That “coming year” is starting with a bang
  • I’m finalizing my next novel for beta readers to feast on during October
  • Starting to pack for my month-long USA road trip
  • The movie “Toy Gun” premieres in Luxembourg on Thursday (I had a tiny part in it)
  • I’m meeting with a theater group who might stage my sci-fi play, “Grandfather? (An intimate family tale of quantum mechanics, causal loops, and casual sex)

Busy, busy… but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Meanwhile, whichever birthday YOU experience next, may it be a great one!

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