March On

Write OnSo here we are, heading for the Ides of March and the world is in the grip of Corvid-19, the rebranded Coronavirus.

First off: my sympathies go to all those affected and their families.

A flowery writer could spout about fear-filled streets, but I’ll avoid that. My personal and very selfish focus is on the UK’s Annual Sci-fi and Fantasy Convention at Easter. Yes, it’s still weeks away, but I invested in flights, hotel, and so on. Apart from the disappointment if it’s canceled, it’ll cost me hard cash. And my fans and friends will be devastated at not meeting-up with me.

(Yes, they will. They will. They darn well better be.)

Further into the future, my planned trip to Greece taking in the ruins at Mycenae, Sparta and the rest, might be at risk. Italy has closed-off various cities. If C-19 persists and Greece does the same, I’ll end up with a driving tour of the olive groves. Nothing against olives, you understand, but they do lack the grandeur and impact of 3,000-year-old cultural remembrances.

Bright side: I had planned to be on a Far East cruise during January/February, but never got around to booking it. So I avoided being exposed to the early waves of infection.

Lesson learned: Sometimes procrastination is your friend.

Well, it’s back to my online critique group duties and onward with another chapter or three this weekend of my next novels* and forget about the current world-worries. After all, when the Corvid-19 crisis goes away (as they say it will), there’ll be something new to worry about.

(* Did I mention I’m writing three at once to kickstart a new universe with a solid foundation?)

Until next time, enjoy whatever you’re reading, and follow the health guidelines.


Almost February?

Time FliesWow, time flies!

I am SO glad I renamed this an “occasional blog” a while ago.

Luckily, the world ducked Father Time’s scythe as December slipped into January, despite Middle East issues, although China’s upcoming New Year of the Rat (starts January 25, 2020) is plagued with spreading Coronavirus problems and Australia is still beset with weather-related woes.

Last year, I planned to be touring China about Continue reading

April & May


BSFA Ytterbium

Chocaholics and parents might have noticed it was Easter again last month. To me, that meant eating chocolate at the British Science Fiction Association‘s Annual Convention!

Code-named Ytterbium, it was held this year at London Heathrow’s Park Inn.

As always, I rolled up ready to meet old friends, make new ones, and learn about current trends in Science Fiction. And I did all three!

I was really pleased to meet Geoffrey Carr of the Economist and chat about a zillion things, including his first venture into Sci-Fi, Genesis.

Sadly, our intense chatter left little chance for anyone else to get a word in.

Happy, too, for my good friend David M. Allan, who just signed up for a sequel to his novel The Empty Throne.

Happy Returns

I returned home to a garden badly in need of attention. We sanded-down and re-stained the shed, which had badly deteriorated in the past 4 years of weather despite the 7 years’ guarantee of the original coating manufacturer. (Huh!) Of course, the work was disrupted by blazing sunshine, rainstorms, hailstorms, and even a fluttering of snow.

(Happy Spring, everyone in the northern hemisphere!)

The Luxembourg ban on using power tools on Sundays and public holidays didn’t help. (FYI, there are three midweek public holidays here in May.) But I do appreciate the quiet Sundays when I don’t need to get out and make noise.

Writing Progress

As usual, life intrudes on art. I am way behind on my online critique group contributions but managed to complete two short stories in time to submit to anthologies just before their deadlines. I also had to make serious changes to my upcoming classic noir novel, Private Vices, but that should be off to my trusted advisor this month for a final overview before I send it out to Advance Readers.

RIGHT! Back to work.


Mothers, Conspiracy, Frustration

Conspiracy To Steal Time From Mothers?

The handover from March to April 2019 didn’t go too well in the UK.

The clocks went forward the night before UK Mothers’ Day. A nationful of mothers had an hour trimmed off their special day!

Some conspiracy theorists think this was planned by a man! The theory is supported by the next day being All Fool’s Day (April 1st). Continue reading