Long Covid Years

Hi! Back again!

I know some of you have missed me these past few months. Apologies. Heard of Long Covid?

It’s a long-term after-effect of Covid-19 infection. For about a year, I suffered apathy, lethargy, head-and-eye pain, and brain-fog. Not good for a writer. I came to a dead stop.

During that year I lost my only cousin and several friends to non-Covid illnesses. Finally, my “kid” sister lost her long fight against cancer in February, 2021. That finished off any spark of creativity. Hence my silence since late January.

But when my birthday hit this week, I decided it was time to get back into the game.

So here I am, back again, trying my best.

An Update

My next far-future series is well under way, with the first three novels edited and awaiting the necessary tinkering.

I’m also talking with a publisher who’s interested in a collection of short stories he calls “eclectic”, hopefully for release some time next year.

So I hope to be more visible on the electronic bookshelves than of late.


My friends at SFF Book Bonanza have a new batch of 99c books available this week only. Click the image below to view and choose!


8 thoughts on “Long Covid Years

  1. Good to see you back, Andy. Missed your posts. Sorry for the challenges you’ve had to face and the losses in your life. Managed to survive Covid also (last December) and most of my longhaul symptoms are gone now. On and up!


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