To the Moon – edited

(Due to interface changes by WordPress, the email version of my previous post got scrambled. Apologies. Here is the unscrambled, image-free version.)

I shelved my planned blog post due to amazing news. I’m going to the moon! Not me in person, but…

“Fly me to the moon…” Yes, there’ll be traces of McKell on the moon, soon.

Publishers of two anthology series have arranged with Astrobotic to land their books on the moon in mid-2021 on their Vulcan Centaur rocket platform!

And they include my stories! (Also available on planet Earth.)

Chronicle Worlds: Paradisi” contains my story, “Final Flight

Beyond the Stars: Rocking Space” contains my story, “Chocolate

For more information about the lander, see or

I’ll let you know when it arrives, as soon as I finish my celebratory champagne!

This is a great start to my 2021. I hope the rest of the year goes well for you all.

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