November News

Happy Thanksgiving to those with thanks to give. Commiserations to those who don’t and I hope 2022 goes better for you.

“Winter IS coming” to the northern hemisphere despite the occasional sunny days interspersed with rain here in Luxembourg. And to southern hemisphere readers: have a great summer!

Here are today’s updates:-

* Delayed Moonshot
* Andy’s Shorts
* Novels
Delayed Moonshot
Bad news first. I’m sad to say the moonshot carrying my books (and dozens of other authors) is delayed for technical reasons. Hopefully, my books will travel further than any Big Tech billionaire in mid-2022!
(For more information about the lander, see or
Andy’s Shorts
Better news! I spent most of the past month tidying up a bunch of short stories for a UK publisher. He describes the collection as “eclectic.” So we’ll see that on the shelves sometime in 2022.
And now to the long-form wordsmithing: I started plowing through the edits on my new series and hope to have the first three ready for publication starting early next year. I want to have the next-in-series ready to avoid long delays between publications.
Meanwhile, whatever you are reading – enjoy!
And stay safe.

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