Almost February?

Time FliesWow, time flies!

I am SO glad I renamed this an “occasional blog” a while ago.

Luckily, the world ducked Father Time’s scythe as December slipped into January, despite Middle East issues, although China’s upcoming New Year of the Rat (starts January 25, 2020) is plagued with spreading Coronavirus problems and Australia is still beset with weather-related woes.

Last year, I planned to be touring China about now. Thankfully I failed to shift my gears and get it booked. The Great Wall was closed off to visitors today. Let’s hope things clear up quickly, with no more fatalities, though that seems unlikely.

Luxembourg has not (yet) experienced the glorious snowfall of previous years, so I won’t display any more images of this wonderful ancient city in all its snowclad beauty until it actually happens.

I mentioned in my InfoStream newsletter a brush with tinnitus last year and heard back from several readers about their own experiences. Their stories made me realize how mild my own symptoms had been compared to theirs. My sincere hopes for a swift recovery for all serious sufferers out there, if any blog readers are also affected.

Incidentally, five people who subscribed to my newsletter in 2017 reported my latest mailing as spam, saying they had never signed up for it despite having received over 20 mailings since then. Thanks, folks. That’s how to get me blacklisted with Google and the like. Happy New Year to you, too!

On a cheerier note, I hope to complete three oh-so-almost-finished interconnected novels during 2020 and am still waiting to hear from the agent and the publisher about the works I submitted last year. A busy publishing year ahead!

Meanwhile, whatever books you got for Christmas or swapped for your Amazon gift tokens…

Happy Reading!

One thought on “Almost February?

  1. The Great Wall may have deterred the hordes of old but today sadly is impotent against the dreaded coronavirus.It would appear that Karma was directing you away from China and toward writing more of your wonderful tales!


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