Heading for Year-End

Midwinter Luxembourg

First off, belated HAPPY THANKSGIVING from snowy Luxembourg!

No, there wasn’t this much snow, yet, but it’s a lovely photo of the town in midwinter.

NovaCon Sci-Fi Convention in Nottingham, UK

Was this a convention to remember!

I got serious food poisoning on the way there and my (newish) car broke down on the way back. But it was a great convention: I met up with some old friends, made some new friends, and the sessions I felt up to attending were informative and entertaining. I just wish I could have attended more of them.

Well done, NovaCon!

So How’s The Wordsmithing Progressing?

Firing on all cylinders!

It’s been a while since I last published, but I have a few books heading for the shelves in 2020!

A collection of my short stories is with a publisher. One of my novels is with an agent.

The “foundation” story for my planned far-future series is with alpha readers (wonderful folk who look over a novel’s early draft before the writer’s heavy lifting of multiple redrafts begin) and I’m halfway through the sequel’s first draft.


Yup. It’s coming. Can’t avoid it. The TV channels just will not let you.

  • The “seasonal” commercials started in late October.
  • The snowy movies started showing in November.

But don’t worry, it’ll be all over in a few weeks!


I described my tinnitus in gory detail last time. I’m happy to say the screeching banshee has succumbed to medication. May it rest in peace.

My sympathies go out to those for whom a cure is less easy to achieve. One of my newsletter subscribers wrote to say how she has suffered since 2011 with no cure in sight. My sympathies to her and other long-term sufferers.


Whatever you celebrate in the coming weeks, have a wonderful time!

And I hope you get lots of book tokens in your stockings!

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