14 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. That’s beautiful, Andy. But i wonder whether it would be as beautiful without the snow’s Impressionist effect and the twilight. It might just look industrial in the light of a snowless day.


    1. Of course, snow always provides an excellent photo opportunity. The land is very much like northern Germany, as parrillaturi suggests above. The country is very pretty, very green, very forested, but the villages are starting to erode the fields as the rapidly-increasing population’s need for housing encourages farmers to sell off family land to builders. (I must declare an interest as I have just had a house built here.) I’ll be away from home for a few weeks, but will try to keep blogging, connectivity permitting (believe it or not, parts of the UK have no 2G access, let alone 3G or 4G!). When I get back, I’ll post some more photos of this “Green Heart of Europe” 😉


  2. safetyharborwoman

    Whoa! Here in Safety Harbor, Florida, I actually got a chill from looking at this. Dunno if I got a chill because it looks so cold or it looks so stunning or both! 🙂


    1. This snow stuff is cold and wet but it pleases the eye. We’re a long way from the sea here and usually I’d rather be gazing out over a blue ocean sparkling in dazzling sunlight than a vista of slushy melting snow under leaden grey skies. But sometimes we can seize a moment of beauty from whatever the weather sprites choose to drop on us.


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