My, The Force Was Strong


What a wonderful month May was.


The first big event was my eldest daughter’s engagement party in sunny Romania. It was wonderful to see her take the next step in life, and to meet her friends and her fiance’s family. She looked, as ever, so lovely.

My middle daughter then announced her graduation grade: an upper second! We’ll be celebrating in the UK next week.

And within days, my youngest revealed her year end grade was a Merit!

Proud Dad, indeed. All those years of parental effort – plus an excellent genetic inheritance – seem to have paid off.

And Writing…

Somehow, in between the celebrations, I completed my first novel, “Faces of Janus“, set in the Paradisi Chronicles open-source universe. It’s the one the EasterCon crit group liked so much. Beta-readers are standing ready to receive their mailings!

An anthology requested a story from me and I’m working on edits for another two. Busy Dad.

Now, if it would only stop raining so I can sit out in the garden to work, I’m sure my output would ramp up – or at least enhance my already sunny disposition. I’ll be writing no dark dystopias for a while.

To round off this post, here’s the recent Risingshadow review of my short story included in the anthology Existence Is Elsewhen

Homo Sapiens Inferior:

  • A chilling vision of future where people are divided into two classes because of their genes: HSI and HSS (Homo sapiens inferior and Homo sapiens superior).
  • A well written and cautionary tale about the possible future of mankind.
  • I think that everybody who reads this story will be impressed by its atmosphere.

Thank you, Risingshadow.

And a very jolly June to you all!

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