Short Stories included in Anthologies

“No Revolution Is Too Big #6” (February 2014)

No Revolution Is Too BigFinspace:  An alien enlists a teenage Earth girl to save a race of peaceful aquatic creatures from chemical warfare on a distant planet.

Review: “Douglas Adams meets The Abyss: Very original and well-written, and with a great flow in the story! At times it reminded me of ‘Hitch-hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’!”

(No longer in print)

“Dangerous Days #4” (June 2014)

Dangerous Days

In Other Hands: A woman wakes to find she is part of Mankind’s salvation

Obsidian & Gold: The Queen of a sterile utopia faces salvation from an unlikely source

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“The Future Is Short #1” (June 2014)

Future Is Short

Boyhood’s EndA boy yearns to reach the end of his boyhood. A strange find brings it, but not the way he wanted.

Conservation: Archeologists search for a lost city in the deepest jungle. If they find it, what will they do? 

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“Science Fiction Consortium #1” (October 2014)

A Shepherd No More: Asteroid danger – can one man save Earth and his wife and child?

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“Final Ships In The Neighborhood” (November 2014)

Final Ships - 150x100

Dragon Ship: Strange visitors cause a global catastrophe

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“Visions of Leaving Earth” (November 2014)

leaving earth - 150x100

Ascent: Teenager wins a visit to a Space Elevator, a visit that changes his life.

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“The Future Is Short #2” (June 2015)

TFIS 2 - 100x150

A Big Thing: A tribe wakes to find a ship floating on the ocean that surrounds its island.
Exodus: Humanity faces the longest night in the far, far future. 
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“Existence is Elsewhen” (March 2016)


Homo sapiens inferior: A chilling future where humans are graded by genetics

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“31 Days of October” (September 2016)

My New Life: Something happened in the night. Everything changed. A new life?

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“Paradisi Chronicles” (October 2016)


Final Flight: A race to prevent a terrorist attack on a Space Elevator. 

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“Beyond The Stars: Rocking Space” (August 2019)

Chocolate: Recovering alcoholic engineer falls for a girl on an asteroid mining station. He’s the only crew member left standing when jewel robbers attack the station. But where does he stand with the girl?

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And keep watching this space (scifi pun intended)!


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