Janus and June

graduation_cap_and_diplomaCELEBRATION !

Another hectic month.

June started with a week in the UK, celebrating my middle daughter’s graduation (huge congrats!).

It ended with a week at a German spa!

In between, I managed to start work on my beta-readers’ responses to my novel, “FACES OF JANUS”.


Why “FACES OF JANUS” as a title? Well…

janus-bigJanus was a Roman god with two faces. January was named after him as he looked forward into the New Year and back into the Old Year. So he saw a lot.

He was also the guardian of doorways and the god of beginnings, transitions, time and endings.

My novel’s main characters work for Janus Security Corporation. Given the above, Janus is a pretty useful name for a security operation, no?

It also refers to the “faces”, the main people at the security company, while implying duplicity in the two faced emblem.

There’s also another aspect that the title refers to, but you’ll have to find that out for yourselves by reading the book. (Hint : transitions)



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