Plot Sketch #4635

So Many Ideas, So Little Time…

(I have too short a lifespan to produce a full story from every idea I get, so will occasionally throw up out a plot sketch so you can see what you are missing…)

Plot Sketch #4635

Earth is the only planet in the galaxy where chocolate and coffee grow, due to yellow sunlight and… (some handwavery).

Two rival galactic empires discover Earth; the population of one becomes chocolate-addicted, the other coffee-addicted, determined by their differing bio-chemistry.

Much of the Earth’s fertile land surface is turned over to chocolate and coffee production. Fairtrade peasants become multi-millionaire “Fartraders”.

The coffee-addicted aliens’ government decide the addiction is – in the manner of heroin – damaging their population’s health. They dispatch a fleet to destroy the coffee plantations.

The chocolate-addicted race fears this will damage the chocolate plantations AND that humans will turn to hot chocolate consumption to replace coffee, thus reducing the supply to the galaxy. They dispatch a fleet to defend Earth.

Two vast fleets face off above the planet…

(NOTE : This can be presented an analogy of the current US/Russian approaches to Syria, or of the “War on drugs”, or a spoof on Dune, depending on the publication being submitted to.)

Possible Alternate Resolutions:-

  1. clever Earth scientist discovers how to grow the two crops off-Earth and saves the planet, but is shunned as an economic traitor (although s/he redeems him/herself in the sequel)
  2. during pre-combat negotiations, the Earth Ambassador offers a glass of scotch to the rival factions’ representatives; “much hilarity ensues”, ending in a muddled peace and Scottish independence (paving the way for a Scotland-dominated galaxy facing rebellious Irish whiskey producers in the sequel)
  3. at the negotiations, both species find the scent of the hyacinths on the conference table to be an irresistible aphrodisiac; the cross-fertilization leads to a hybrid race that unites the galaxy in peace, love and harmony – and vast hyacinth plantations

As I said, so many (wonderful) ideas and so little time…

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