A Christmas Tail

Wait! This is not turning into a cat-thread. It’s a one-off, I swear! Let me explain…

We’re currently looking after a cat for one of our daughters but had to spend Christmas in the UK. So we asked a friend to cat-sit. After a few days, text messages began to arrive from the cat. Clearly, she was writing a diary and sending it to us, her “pride.” I share these with you…

Diary of a Sour Puss

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December Treats!


An early Merry Christmas treat for you all. (Or a treat for whatever you celebrate at this time of year.)

I have joined together with a group of brilliant authors to bring to your attention some excellent, sky-high Sci-fi & Fantasy novels at low, low prices. For more info, click here!

You can painlessly squeeze the whole set into your kindle-stocking as each novel costs 99-cents or less.

Better still, treat a few friends! Make someone merry this December.

(If you don’t have a few friends to treat, well… Merry Christmas, anyway, and I hope Santa brings you some in 2017.)


Last-Minute Workplace Gifts

dreamstime_staffpartyI have had my share of the corporate workplace experience and was happy to wave it goodbye. But some scars endure…

Let me state up front that most of my colleagues were charming and pleasant people with whom I would be happy to be trapped in a lift (for a short while, at least).

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No Revolution Is Too Big: Vols 1-3


After a bit of an absence, due to family, writing and acting commitments, I’m back with news about one of the projects I have been working on.

Award-winning writer, Mike Lynch, has launched a series of short books, all set in the universe established in his original story, “No Revolution is Too Big“.

That story features a student’s adventures with an acerbic alien, Stelfson, who unexpectedly Continue reading

13 Lucky For Some?

Happy September!

I always find this a good time to look back on the year and to plan out what still needs doing in the final trimester. This is probably because my birthday falls at the end of the month, then suddenly it’s Christmas and that’s the year gone.So I need to give myself that “final approach” nudge. Our American cousins have Thanksgiving to mark the rapid approach of year’s end, but – to be honest – there’s little enough time between clearing up after Thanksgiving and starting to prepare for Christmas. Continue reading

Time To Get Moving?

Time And Money

Happy Day 27 !

Yes, the end of January looms – almost 1/14th of 2013 already gone, and what have you done so far?

This means that there are, at time of writing, only 338 days left until next Christmas. (Yay!) And those are “real” days, not shopping days! So if you have not yet started that project or fulfilled that unconsidered New Year’s resolution – time to get moving.

I’ve been called away from home for a few weeks, but will try to keep blogging, connectivity permitting (believe it or not, parts of the UK still have no 2G coverage, let alone 3G or 4G!). Welcome to the 21st century!

And I’ll be continuing my “Beginner’s Tale” series, technological limitations permitting!

Anyone want to own up to Resolution failures or unstarted projects?