No Revolution Is Too Big: Vols 1-3


After a bit of an absence, due to family, writing and acting commitments, I’m back with news about one of the projects I have been working on.

Award-winning writer, Mike Lynch, has launched a series of short books, all set in the universe established in his original story, “No Revolution is Too Big“.

That story features a student’s adventures with an acerbic alien, Stelfson, who unexpectedly lands in his backyard and offers him the opportunity of a lifetime.

It’s a “shared world” series, in which each volume is written by a different author, and Mike has embraced a wide range of writer to expand upon that original concept in their individual styles to create a sparkling set of stories.

Three volumes are already available for Kindle on Amazon:-

No Revolution - cover 1

Volume 1: No Revolution is Too Big”, by Mike Lynch 
Stelfson takes on an advanced raced threatening another with extinction


Volume 2: “Subatomic Revolt“, by I.O. Kirkwood 
Stelfson comes to the aid of an enslaved civilization no bigger than a micron

The Eye of Time - Carole Bell

Volume 3: “The Eye of Time”, by Carole Bell 
Stelfson is faced with the ultimate threat: a world-eater
is on the loose and the universe faces annihilation

More volumes will be released weekly. A great new series to enjoy/give for Christmas!

And where do I fit in? My own contribution to the series will be released in coming weeks.

I hope you enjoy all the stories.

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