No Revolution Is Too Big: Vol 4

716QbZs1zuL._SL1300_A few days ago, I told you about the SciFi series, “No Revolution Is Too Big“.

Each story in the series is written by a different author and explores the universe devised by bestselling author, Mike Lynch.

Volumes 1,2 and 3 had already been released when I wrote, and now Volume 4 is available from Amazon and other suppliers.

No Revolution Too Small“, is written by established author, Travis Perry.


In an advanced extra-galactic civilization, Stelaki machines had served their creators for untold generations without the least little gratitude on their part. They did as they were programmed, operating flawlessly, even ensuring practical immortality for the people they protected. When everything technological mysteriously goes awry, Stelfson is either the problem or the cure, depending on the size of some unexpected aliens’ point of view.

A highly-recommended series at this festive season!

I hope you enjoy all the stories.

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