Mid-year Review, 2022

Summer seems to have hit Luxembourg already – blazing sunshine in recent weeks with enough occasional rain that I don’t have to water the flowers. Of course, the lawn-mowing has become more frequent! Sigh… swings and roundabouts!

At least the Covid restrictions have been easing at long last.

More good news: Galaxies and Fantasies (my new collection of genre-crossing short stories) is due out on June 3rd (ebook) and available on pre-order already. The paperback will follow on June 27.

Meanwhile, I’m still plowing through the edits on the first two novels in my upcoming far-future sci-fi series (name unconfirmed at present).

Book #1 (EXODUS) should hit the shelves later in the year.

In between all that, I’m making serious travel plans. In 2019, I had big plans for 2020…

And we all know what scuppered that!

Meanwhile, keep safe, and whatever you’re reading – ENJOY!

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