Upcoming: Galaxies and Fantasies

Publisher, Elsewhen Press,  says…
“Galaxies and Fantasies is an eclectic collection of tales from master-storyteller Andy McKell, crossing genres from mythology to cosmology, fairytale to space opera, surrealism to hyper-reality. What they all have in common is a twist, a surprise, a revelation. Leave your pre-conceptions aside when you read these stories, prepare for the unexpected, the extraordinary, the unpredictable. Some are quite succinct and you’ll be immediately wanting more; others are more elaborate, but deftly devised, and you’ll be thinking about them long after you’ve finished reading. These are stories that will stay with you, not in a haunting way, but like a satisfying memory that often returns to encourage, enchant or enrich your life.”

“Galaxies and Fantasies”

My collection of multi-genre short stories is due out in June.

For one of the limited number of review copies, contact:


During April, I attended EuroCon in Luxembourg and EasterCon in London for two long weekends of fascinating and informative sessions about my favorite topics. 

Bonus: we could gather together, mix, meet old friends, and see each other’s faces…  I’d almost forgotten what a real-life human’s smile looked like!

Let’s hope the Covid years are behind us.

Meanwhile, whatever you are reading – enjoy!

And stay safe.

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