Seasons and Reasons

First, I hope everyone’s enjoying the ebook – the paperback will follow in a few weeks.

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I’ve been working on the sequel, which I hope to release later in the year.

And there’s more sci-fi on its way, just hold on a little longer.


So here we are, on the edge of Spring in the northern hemisphere as the other half faces Autumn.

For most countries, Covidity caution is easing and we all thought the world’s latest mess was finished.

Then came Ukraine.

My great-grandfather fought in the Boer War, my grandfather in WW1, my father in WW2, and I grew up during the Cold War.

During my entire lifetime, there has not been a single day without armed conflict somewhere on the planet.

Sometimes it seems the human race is establishing its own solution to the Fermi paradox – why can we cannot detect aliens.

Theory: If a species advances far enough to destroy itself, then it will.

A sad thought as we approach Easter, a celebration of an event during the Roman occupation of Israel, just before the uprising which failed at great loss of life.

Conflict dates far back beyond that to the origins of humanity.

Let’s all hope for a speedy resolution and fewer civilian deaths.

The only bright spot this week was going shopping – the car’s hood down, enjoying the sunshine, then walking maskless around the supermarket under new local rules.

Let’s all hope for a brighter future.

Meanwhile, whatever you are reading – enjoy!

And stay safe.

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