Great New Year News!


I just signed a publishing contract for a collection of short stories, provisionally titled Eclectic!

Should be on the bookshelves, electronic and physical, later in the year.

I’ll announce the launch right here and in as many other places as I can. 😉


In my library is a novel first published in 1956: “No Refuge” by little-known writer, John Boland.

It begins with bank robbers escaping in a malfunctioning private plane, forcing them to land in a futuristic lost world somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean.

In this happy land, children get their education from computers and adults walk around with a small device on their chest, listening to music through earpieces to dull their senses. The “servants of the people” turn out to be authoritarian dictators ruling the land.

Remember, this was 1956.

No Refuge” sits up there alongside “1984″, “R.U.R.”,  and “Brave New World” for stunningly predictive accuracy.

Hoping the new year’s delivering what you hoped for and whatever you’re reading – enjoy!

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