Mid-Year Views

(An update of “Mid-year Review, 2022“)

Belated “Happy Longest Day” greetings to half the world and “Happy Shortest Day” in the other half.

Summer hit with a vengeance here, melting the flowers, browning the grass, and melting my brain.

Then it rained… off and on… for days as if in apology. Ah, well.

I write most productively while sitting in the garden with moderate sunshine (25 Centigrade, 77 Fahrenheit), headphones blasting out old rock music, sipping cold drinks.

Brain-melts and downpours really do get in the way.

My latest ebook, ‘Galaxies and Fantasies‘ got off to a good start and the paperback version is out today (June 27,2022) – 27 speculative fiction stories in multiple Science Fiction and Fantasy sub-genres.

My backlog includes editing three books in my upcoming series and tinkering with a “string theory meets religion” novella that’s been prodding my subconscious for a long time.

Meanwhile, as the old song says, “And the war drags on” (Donovan, 1965). I’m sure all our thoughts are with the Ukrainian civilians, the section of society that always suffers most from conflict. Some things never change, it seems, just the locations.

And we should not forget the other conflicts taking place across the globe… If only peace could be imposed… without force, of course. (Dream on, Andy!)

Meanwhile, keep safe, and whatever you’re reading – ENJOY!

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