Spooky Times


Well, that Brexit thing was a blast. Britain will pull out of the EU (European Union). To some, it’s like Hawaii pulling out of the US of A. (It isn’t.) And lots of lies on all sides, it seems.

Gosh! Anti-establishment folk, politicians and urban elites telling lies? Unbelievable! Spooky times!

And there’s so much uncertainty about the future. Take it from a sci-fi writer: the only thing certain about the future is that it will happen. Whatever shape it takes. Comforting news, yes?

Next up is the US presidential popularity contest. This year, it seems to be a vote for the one you hate least. I heard there are 196 million people eligible to be candidates.

196 million! Think about that. Where are you all?

This year, again, there’s no Abe Lincolns: no Honest Abe, no log-cabin born, self-made individual who chopped down trees and admitted all wrong-doings, then united the country – after a civil war. Hmm… civil war? Hope not.

But I will not dabble in other countries’ affairs – I don’t have a nuclear arsenal to back me up.

Anyway – Spooky Times

It’s not a new YouTube channel. Just a comment as Hallowe’en races up on us, with Thanksgiving and Christmas close behind. (I wish a cheerful Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA, but I guess that will fall flat for about half the registered voters.)

It’s an unashamedly blatant plug for the latest anthology to include one of my stories, “My New Life“, a fresh take on zombieness. The anthology is, “31 Days of October“, available from all Amazon bookshops everywhere. Just click here.

The collection is a prime bundle of spooky tales with a spooky theme. If Fall 2016 isn’t haunting you enough – or even if it is – have a read and take your mind off all the other stuff.

Happy October, everyone!




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