Spooky Times


Well, that Brexit thing was a blast. Britain will pull out of the EU (European Union). To some, it’s like Hawaii pulling out of the US of A. (It isn’t.) And lots of lies on all sides, it seems.

Gosh! Anti-establishment folk, politicians and urban elites telling lies? Unbelievable! Spooky times!

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Being British, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but I have a few things to be thankful for at this time and I’m gonna brag about it! Two short stories published earlier in 2015 and more have already been “snapped up” by publishers for anthologies to be published in 2016… Continue reading

13 Lucky For Some?

Happy September!

I always find this a good time to look back on the year and to plan out what still needs doing in the final trimester. This is probably because my birthday falls at the end of the month, then suddenly it’s Christmas and that’s the year gone.So I need to give myself that “final approach” nudge. Our American cousins have Thanksgiving to mark the rapid approach of year’s end, but – to be honest – there’s little enough time between clearing up after Thanksgiving and starting to prepare for Christmas. Continue reading