So this is what 65 feels like?


I hit 65 last month. Let’s try interviewing me.

How does it feel?

Well, pretty much the same as when I was younger. You know, 64, 63…

It happened to me while I was in the UK, so I could celebrate my birthday with my mother for the first time in too many years. She enjoyed the cake. She has no idea who I am.

What does being 65 mean to you?

So many things to choose from…

  • Free public transport and higher car rental insurance rates
  • A higher percentage chance of something nasty like Alzheimer’s or some other terrible thing we now live long enough to suffer from
  • The ability to look back on long experience and offer wise advice that everyone gladly takes
  • A vast inventory of amusing anecdotes to share, to everyone’s delight, even after so many repetitions
Maybe not. Okay, let’s try another tack. Was the past year special?

Oh, yes!

  • One daughter got engaged
  • Another graduated
  • The third starting her university degree studies
  • I escaped from the Madeira forest fires (not much of a story there, but I’m working on it)
  • Three more short stories published
  • Two more small parts in movies
And what do you hope for in the coming year?
  • Another birthday
  • Sanity to infect the world’s governments and electoral systems
  • More anthology acceptances
  • Huge sales of my upcoming novels
  • Fulfilling my birthday resolutions
Birthday Resolutions?
  • Spend more time writing
  • Spend more time on social media (which I sadly neglect)
  • Sleep even less so I have time for the above

I wish each of you a great birthday when it arrives and a wonderful twelve months following!

(And more birthdays after that…)


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