A Christmas Tail

Wait! This is not turning into a cat-thread. It’s a one-off, I swear! Let me explain…

We’re currently looking after a cat for one of our daughters but had to spend Christmas in the UK. So we asked a friend to cat-sit. After a few days, text messages began to arrive from the cat. Clearly, she was writing a diary and sending it to us, her “pride.” I share these with you…

Diary of a Sour Puss

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Writing Fakes

In London, the Dulwich Picture Gallery (est. 1817) is running a competition. It claims to be displaying 269 genuine paintings by such Masters as Rembrandt, Rubens, Poussin… It is also displaying one known fake painting, commissioned by the Gallery itself. The game is to spot which is the fake. One has to assume that the other 269 are actually genuine. But who can tell? Does it matter? And to whom? Continue reading

Team Writing


I recently mused about writers having more ideas than time. Is there a solution to the conflict between over-inspiration in a finite lifespan?

How about sharing the load?

The Association of Ghostwriters claims 50% of best-sellers are ghosted. Shocked? Continue reading