Happy New Year 2023

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Here’s to a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

After the New Year’s celebrations are over, you might feel like a bit of reading.

Here are a couple of suggestions on how you can share your thoughts on a novel, or participate in the storytelling, or just sit back and enjoy a good read…

DE1_Exodus small amazon

 * Review
 * Beta Read
* Add to your library

1. Reviewers for “EXODUS!”

I’m looking for followers to review my latest sci-fi novel, the first in a new series.

Want to know more? Email contact@andymckell.com with Reviewer in the subject line.

Read the first chapter here.

2. Beta Readers for “LEGENDS OF THE IMPERIUM” series

As I have a few more upcoming novels in the series, I’m also looking for people to read an early draft of a novel and give feedback to help improve the final product.

Empires rise and fall in space as on Earth.
Long before the first stellar empire, there was only the Homeworld.
The Earth: a pale blue dot in an as-yet unexplored galaxy.
But that was soon to change…

Want to know more? Email contact@andymckell.com with Beta Reader in the subject line.

Overview of the entire series here.

3. Add EXODUS! to your library here (Thank you!)

Arista Noam seeks to develop faster-than-light travel to open the galaxy to human colonization. She is the best hope for success.

Funding, politics, and conflicting theories stand in her way as the first test run is initiated.

Conspiracies deepen, hidden enemies turn to violence and the fate of humanity rests in her hands.

Meanwhile, whatever you are reading – ENJOY!

Link: Get notified when Andy publishes a new book

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