A Merry Christmas!!

Here we are again, snow on the roof in the north and beachside barbeques in the south. But it’s Christmas everywhere!
(Also Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Mid-Winter Fest, Yule, and belated Rohatsu.)

Have a wonderful time… feasting, family and friends, not to mention gifts!

Many of you will be getting Kindles, notepads, or gift vouchers in your stockings.

So here’s how to enhance the year ahead using those wondrous gifts.


OK, for those of you still reading, thank you, and I am delighted to announce my next novel, the first in a new series…

Destination Empire: EXODUS!

Empires rise and fall in space as on Earth.
Long before the first stellar empire, there was only the Homeworld.
The Earth: a pale blue dot in an as-yet unexplored galaxy.
But that was soon to change…

DE1_Exodus small amazon

Arista Noam seeks to develop faster-than-light travel to open the galaxy to human colonization. She is the best hope for success.

Funding, politics, and differing theories stand in her way as the first test run is initiated.

Conspiracies deepen, hidden enemies turn to violence and the fate of humanity rests in her hands.


Read the first chapter here
To overview the entire series click here
Where to buy

Whatever you do this December, and whatever you are reading – ENJOY!