A Cocktail And A Straight Scotch

Well, have I been busy, or what?


A collection of published Science Fiction and Fantasy short stories ideal for December gifting.

A short-fiction cocktail transporting the reader through the realms of YA, space opera, horror, time travel, post-apocalyptic Earth, alien contact, fantasy, and the undefinable…

Wherever these stories take you, it’s beyond the here and now.

BONUS FEATURES: includes extended versions and prize-winning sci-fi stage play script.

Release date: 1st December 2018
Pre-order at your local Amazon

PRIVATE VICES: Bright Lights, Dark Lives 

A Classic Noir

Los Angeles, 1951. Down-at-heel private detective takes a case he doesn’t want but can’t afford to turn down. The client is lying. His friends are lying. The cops and the feds are warning him off.

In the murky world of Movietown, he uncovers webs of corruption and darker vices. The Mob takes an interest. People around him start dying.

In this chaos, he’s found a girl who just might be the one, but he can’t even trust himself. And now he’s seeing a ghost who seems to have all the answers…

Wartime PTSD? Inherited hallucinations?
Or could it be a real ghost?

Coming Soon!

And whatever you’re reading right now – enjoy!



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