Janus Arrives & Book Bonanza

Janus Arrival, the concluding part of Janus Paradisi trilogy is ready to hit the shelves on April 1.

Part 1: Faces of Janus (series introduction price: 99c)

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Part 2: Janus Challenge

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Part 3: Janus Arrival

Pre-order NOW from Amazon. Coming to other outlets very soon!

Paradise is a ride away – if you survive the journey.

So near, yet so far away…

SS Challenge has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy. Their landing party is held hostage by a colony on the planet Tenebra. Communications are cut off. Tenebra’s military forces launch an attack on the ship. Slavery and worse horrors await the ship’s population if the ship is taken.

Zag Bishop must lead his forces into battle in space and on land. In the mines under the planet’s surface, Angel Flores and Katya Ulyanov struggle to survive and escape their forced labor prison.

Crucial decisions are forced upon everyone about their future in this galaxy.

As the enemy’s fleet gathers around their ship, the ten thousand travelers from Earth face slavery or death.

Who will reach paradise? And will it be a true New Eden for them?

And there’s more!

My friends at SFF Book Bonanza are again offering dozens of Science Fiction and Fantasy ebooks at a mere 99c each!

Click the image to go get them!

Happy reading!


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