Janus Challenge: New Cover!

With a roll of the drums… Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……. BOOM! NEW COVER!

I described my two newbie cover design mistakes in my previous post: genre-specific features and trilogy consistency. So let’s move on. Spoiler warning, more confessions…

I found the original “Janus Challenge” cover conveyed an optimistic wistfulness as the ship headed for the wormhole. I loved it.

BUT… as with everything you love (chocolate, sleeping late on weekdays, vacations…), there’s always a reckoning (weight gain, unemployment, the dreaded return to work…)

The ship’s metal-gray hull was not very clear against the glowing white of the wormhole, particularly in thumbnail size. So we fixed it while incorporating it into the new trilogy-cover-consistency.

I think the new cover instills more of the dread that the long-haul crew would feel while foreshadowing the violent events of the story.

I hope you like it (comments are welcomed below).

So Where Have I Been?

It’s been a hectic first half of the year. Lots of travel to the UK for family issues and the British Science Fiction Convention in Birmingham (England); heavy writing on the final novel in the Janus Paradisi trilogy (“Janus Arrival“, due out in Autumn, 2017); slow but steady progress on a couple of other writing projects I’ll talk about later…

Most recently, I’ve been working on the redesign of the trilogy book covers and building a series of book promotions with various specialist companies. I needed the new covers for those promotions, of course.

So my blogging has been… absent. (But I prefer to blog about “something” rather than just sending out any old waffle every week.)

NOTE: If you’ve read “Janus Challenge” and would like more background, updates and a free short story, why not sign up for my newsletter?

Meanwhile, happy reading!

2 thoughts on “Janus Challenge: New Cover!

    1. Many thanks! I’ve learned a lot since self-publishing in November 2016. The themed covers reflect the initial departure from Earth, the dangers experienced and the bright new future they expect to find on arrival… (if only reality matched our expectations) 😉

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