Faces Of Janus: New Cover and Answers

Cover Confession Time

Newbie mistake #1: “Faces of Janus” was my first published book. If you’ve read it (thank you and I hope you enjoyed it), you’ll see how the two-faced image represented the JCorp logo, the lead characters’ internal conflicts, the deceptions encountered, and the disguises adopted.

But if you haven’t read the book (WHY NOT?), you won’t get these references.

A book cover is supposed to shout, “Hi there! I’m your genre! Read me!

A space exploration novel just HAS to have a spaceship on the cover. Now it does. (Let me know what you think of it in the Comments below.)

Newbie mistake #2: “Faces of Janus” is part one of a trilogy. I wasn’t thinking about series cover consistency when I oh-so-proudly launched it in November 2016. So I’ve had the trilogy covers all redesigned for consistency. (Cover reveals for “Janus Challenge” and the final part of the trilogy in coming posts.)

I’ve had a few questions about “Faces of Janus“. Here are a few answers…

Why do the main characters have such bad origins?

Reminders in alphabetical order…

  • Angel Flores was born in the favella slums of Rio and lost both parents to cancer as a teenager
  • Katya Ulyanov was born in the desert migrant camps, her father was absent, and she suffered massively in that violent society
  • Zag Bishop was an orphan in the New Phoenix lower city and had a life of crime before being recruited into a black ops unit

First Quick Answer: Their backgrounds reference the Earth’s decay and worsening conditions for an increasing number of the population.

Second Quick Answer: The ambition to rise above their origins pushes them to achieve ever more – they all have good reasons to aim for Paradise, doncha think?

Third Quick Answer: Do you want to root for the underdog or the overlord?

Why do the word “challenge” and phrases like “reaching for the stars” appear so often in the early stages of the story?

Er… it’s called “foreshadowing” – glad you noticed!

Who will Zag choose to end up with, Angel or Katya?

Question back at you: You think because he’s the male lead, he gets to choose? Read “Janus Challenge” to see how that goes…

The final part of the trilogy is due out in Autumn 2017. You’ll have to wait a little longer to see how it all resolves itself. (Spoiler: we are going to see some more characters die…)

I’m happy to answer any other questions in the comments section below – you can even vote for Angel or Katya!

NOTE: If you’ve read “Faces of Janus” and would like more background and updates, why not sign up for my newsletter?

Meanwhile, happy reading!



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