A sci-fi series set in the shared universe of Paradisi Chronicles…

Paradise is a ride away – if you survive the journey.

Read the first chapter of FACES OF JANUS here.

Amazon dload Faces

In FACES OF JANUS, Angel Flores’ security agents uncover the lie behind Earth’s greatest corporate conspiracy. They fight for places on humanity’s incredible journey.

Her lover, Zag, assembles a team of special ops warriors but falls for Katya, an operative with a secret past. Betrayal and secrecy on all sides put the whole plan at risk.

The hardest journey is the one on Earth. The stars can wait.

Amzon dload challengeIn JANUS CHALLENGE, Angel’s team maneuvered their way aboard a great spaceship bound for a paradise planet in another galaxy.

But the battle is not over. They must seize the ship before the voyage can begin. Their special skills are needed again and again as the journey continues.

Zag struggles with his love for both Angel and Katya, whose behavior becomes more erratic until Angel’s life and the fate of the entire ship rest in her hands.

And when they arrive in that far galaxy, they face more conflict…

Amazon dload Arrival

SS Challenge has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy. Their landing party is held hostage on the planet Tenebra. Communications are cut off. Tenebra’s military forces launch an attack on the ship. Slavery and worse horrors await if the ship is taken.

Zag Bishop must lead his forces into battle in space and on land. In the mines, Angel Flores and Katya Ulyanov struggle to survive and escape their forced labor prison. As the enemy fleet gathers, crucial decisions are forced upon the ten thousand travelers from Earth about their future in this galaxy. Who will reach paradise?

And will it be a true New Eden for them?

Amazon dload Final

May 2094: the Earth is failing. Its rich elites are fleeing the planet to a distant safe haven.

The final ship is preparing to depart. The last batch of passengers race across the world to catch the space elevator to the orbiting ship before launch. Meanwhile, suicide bombers seek to destroy the elevator, launching tsunamis across the Pacific and cutting off access to the last remaining escape ship. Their only opposition is a private security team chasing just behind.

Will the team’s dream of entering Paradise be destroyed?

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Happy Reading!

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