Yes, I’ve been very quiet online recently.

images (2)Family affairs kept me on the move between Luxembourg and UK for a month or more, while I worked on my final edits for “JANUS CHALLENGE“, my second novel in the Janus Paradisi series.

Expect more about “JANUS CHALLENGE” very soon.

It’s so hard to blog or write dialog while driving up and down the UK’s congested roadworks network that used to serve as fast routes across the country. They’re still called “motorways” (or “highways” for my American readers) as if the name were the thing – which we know is not true. (“The map is not the territory, and the name is not the thing named” Gregory Bateson.) I’d call them linear, one-storey car parks. BUT…

I’m going to invest in traffic cone manufacturing companies!!! It’s the future.

Anyway, I’m back in the saddle now and looking forward to the next annual British Science Fiction Convention (EasterCon) in Birmingham (England). So that’s another trip back to the UK, but at least I can fly this time and let the pilot do the driving 😉

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