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I mentioned the Paradisi Chronicles “co-operative” project in an earlier post.

I’ve worked before in loose-knit shared-world projects, such as the  “No Revolution Is Too Big” anthology, but Paradisi Chronicles is different. Let me explain how…

In July, 2014, best-selling author Hugh Howey’s blog (Your Fear is My Opportunity) challenged traditional publishers to innovate. One suggestion was to try out new ways of creating worlds that would be written about by multiple authors.

Sadly, traditional publishers are not equipped to create worlds and co-ordinate multiple authors writing in different styles with highly-detailed and cross-referenced history, characters and locations. Authors, apparently, are not always easy beasts to work with. (As W.C. Fields nearly said, “Never work with children, animals or authors”.)

But writers ARE equipped to dream the impossible.

In response to Hugh’s prompting, a group got together to create such a new universe, sharing ideas, shaping a backstory, maps, technology, cities, and new species. Writing in different styles and genres, and in different forms, they produced the first works set in this new universe. Next, these generous folk opened-up their world to other authors who could write their own stories to add to the Paradisi Chronicles canon.

Writers can submit works in their own favoured genres, be they hard sci-fi, planetary exploration, alien interaction, time-travel… as long as they keep to the pre-established backstory and respect other writers’ events and characters. It’s really not as easy as just making it up as needed, as you progress. But it immensely adds to the fun and the challenge of being creative.

So I threw my hat in the ring and offered to write a story. I found them to be a great bunch of people, very supportive and enthusiastic. Naturally, overlapping story lines or planned plot and character developments need to be discussed to avoid “breaking the canon” and I have found no-one to be possessive about their storylines or characters. I’m having great fun writing my story and working with the project’s “Founders”.

Fear not, dear reader, I shall be keeping you updated.

Meanwhile, why not take a look at some of the Paradisi Chronicles works already published?



6 thoughts on “Paradisi Chronicles

  1. Wow, this sounds like a huge project and it’s good to know that you are enjoying working collaboratively. Premise sounds fascinating, in that other world kind of way! Looking forward to reading some of these finished stories, and the finished work as well. Soldier on!


    1. Your encouragement is welcome!
      I think there are about 40 authors intending to submit novels, novellas or short stories – there should be some anthologies running in parallel with the full-length stories.
      A huge project indeed! It IS a different way of working, but knowing there’s a mutually-supportive bunch of writers working on the same (if parallel) project erodes the isolation writers experience when tapping away in their lonely garrets before dawn.
      It’s fun, so far, but wait until I get to the revisions stage, which I hate.



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