Anthologies and Contests #2

250px-Quill_(PSF)Last time, I praised the opportunities for unpublished writers offered by submitting to Anthologies and Contests.

So where do you start in your search for Anthologies and Contests seeking submissions?

Today, I list a good number of links below, to get you started. And please note that I in no way endorse any of these pages, it is simply a list of opportunities.


First, read this. It is cautionary advice for Science Fiction/Fantasy writers but it applies to all genres…

And, of course, you would never, never, never pay to have your work included in an anthology, now would you?

Submissions Format

Almost every quality submission call requires you to follow the widely-respected format guidelines detailed by William Shunn. Bookmark that page.

Sources of information

A wonderful source of all manner of information for Independent Authors is Indies Unlimited.

Also take a look at:-

A few others..

And you DID read the warnings at the link above (Contests and Awards)?

So get started!

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