Anthologies and Contests #2

250px-Quill_(PSF)Last time, I praised the opportunities for unpublished writers offered by submitting to Anthologies and Contests.

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Team Writing


I recently mused about writers having more ideas than time. Is there a solution to the conflict between over-inspiration in a finite lifespan?

How about sharing the load?

The Association of Ghostwriters claims 50% of best-sellers are ghosted. Shocked? Continue reading

Ideas to Ink

 (This post was written as a Guest Post on Helping Hands site)

© Freds | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Freds | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I read of a literary agent who dreaded parties. “Someone always sidles up, saying they have this great story idea, but don’t know how to write a book, and maybe one of my authors would appreciate the idea?”

The agent responds, “The problem is…”

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Sinking in the Middle?

Nederlands: Het Short Story bushokje op transf...

I am a greedy reader. I read books, mainly science fiction. I scan blogs and articles on science, technology, society, history… I also watch TV documentaries on these topics.

I do not have an eidetic memory; I don’t recall much of what I expose my brain to. But snippets stick to the sides of my neurons as they fly past.

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