WIP the New Year

ALERT:  Sit well back from your screen while reading this.

With the onset of the New Year (woot! woot! streamers & champagne), I had wanted to try something new, blogistically speaking. It would have been an occasional series of very brief blogs on my “Work In Progress” (WIP) and the fun associated with being a struggling writer.

The first one was to appear last weekend. However…

My brain’s creativity and stay-awake centres were laid low by some rather nasty little bug very early into 2013 and I progressed not a jot. My sparkle was dulled, my WIP was unprogressed, my craving for sleep and darkness overwhelmed even my craving for chocolate – this latter proving how truly ill I was.

So I tender my apologies for the missing missive and will try to stay healthy for your sakes, dear readers.

As the Bard said, “All that glisters is not gold.” And although this page is certainly not gold, I hope it glisters a little.

Please call back, I shall be polishing my wares and setting-out my stand again during the week ahead.

Meanwhile, on a happier note, today is the Finnish Name Day for AkuAukusti – have a great name day, all Akus and Aukustis out there!

One thought on “WIP the New Year

  1. Everyone’s comming down with whatever laid you low, Andy. My daughter got sick on Christmas day and my nephew a few daysafter that. We had a house full of relatives, and one or two were always upstairs trying to sleep it off.

    Too sick for chocolate????? That’s scary! BTW, my blog, xenoseye.wordpress.com is now up and running, and constructive criticism is always welcome.


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