A Beginner’s Tale #3

Large FoJIt has been a long journey, but here I stand on the verge of publishing my first novel.

I always wanted to write, but my first High School English teacher convinced me I was barely literate. I think he resented me being taller than him, as a later (taller) teacher promoted me from bottom of the class to (almost) pole position.

Too late!

It was my final year of school and my small fantasies had been strangled. Hurrah for education! Continue reading

Sinking in the Middle?

Nederlands: Het Short Story bushokje op transf...

I am a greedy reader. I read books, mainly science fiction. I scan blogs and articles on science, technology, society, history… I also watch TV documentaries on these topics.

I do not have an eidetic memory; I don’t recall much of what I expose my brain to. But snippets stick to the sides of my neurons as they fly past.

It’s like cholesterol, but in a good way. Continue reading

Whence Inspiration?

Inspiration Train

On a recent 3 hour train journey, I was forced to consider creative inspiration to save myself from insanity. I can make the drive in 2.5 hours at legal speeds, but the chance to relax was worth the the extra 30 minutes. However…

My netbook battery failed after an hour, so I became more aware of the journey than usual. A writer wastes nothing, so what could this journey inspire in me? I asked where stories come from in an earlier post – would I be gifted with an answer? Read on…

From where does that magical Inspiration spring?

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