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The alien Rescue Broker, Stelfson, visits a teenage Earth girl he’d worked with as a small child, leaving confused memories. He has a mission to help a peaceful aquatic race who are being oppressed by a powerful, land-based civilization. Her mission — to block the pollution channels being used to poison the aquatics, while there is still time.  The trouble is, the aquatic race are shark-like creatures — and she’s terrified of sharks!

Released 12 Feb 2014
Available in the USA from
And in the UK from
Barnes & Noble

Succession! (work in progress)

Conflict over succession tears apart the ruling house of the sprawling human dominion. An agent of uncertain loyalties infiltrates the claimant’s inner circle and his affections, while billions of cowed colonists await the launch of apocalyptic war.  Political intrigue and personal crises build the pressure until the doomsday weapon is finally deployed. Lovers become divided as colonies are destroyed – the survivors seek to rebuild their lives and make a new beginning, while one seeks to make an ending.

Aftermath  (work in progress)

The colonies are devastated by the Darkness weapon. Dara and Avram struggle against internal opposition and their own emotions to hold together the surviving population. Abri is in the hands of the ruling house, once more at the mercy of the man who murdered her parents and held her captive as a young woman. Inevitably, she is identified and her motives exposed.

5 thoughts on “Book Summaries

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  2. Actuallly sofferclese I write up to about 5 books at a time although the number is really unlimiited as the production process can become static for various projects for any amount of time and I don’t like to click my heels. Its a very good way of avoiding writer’s block too. Andy, do you fancy a review-swap and/or guest blog posts? I am happy to read your manuscripts or selections from them in return for the same. For the blog guest spots we can review each other.

    I love high tech sci-fi but any sci-fi is good for me.


    1. My longer works are “harder scifi” than my shorter writing, which drifts from fantasy to wherever it takes me.

      We should talk directly about swaps and reviews – always happy to embrace other contributions.


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