Beta Readers and ARCs Wanted

Last update: May 27, 2018

WANTED: Beta readers for:-

1. All That Was Lost: Far-future Science Fiction (24,000 words/approx 80 pages)

Needed: Mid-June 2018

The first story in a work-in-progress collection.
Earth was abandoned long ago in the Great Exodus. The story explores the fate of those left behind.

2. Private Vices: 1950’s L.A. noir. “Bogart and a ghost – maybe.” (60,000 words/approx 200 pages)

Needed: End June 2018

Down-at-heel P.I. takes a case he doesn’t want but can’t afford to refuse. The case turns sour as the truth slowly emerges and he is forced to navigate a dangerous web of lies. The client is lying, his friends are lying, the FBI is lying. The cops are on his back and the Mob takes an interest. People around him are starting to die.

Behind his hard-bitten front is a sensitive man, damaged by war and failed relationships. His personal life is a mess. His ailing mother is seeing ghosts. His hooker girlfriend is hired by a dungeon club/casino run by the Mob.

Two new complications arise: he’s fallen for a helpful librarian, and he’s started to see a ghost.

(Preferably genre fans and American, for vocabulary and period idiom checks)

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