About a Story, Maybe

Let me tell you a story… about a story.

Or maybe it’s about a writer.

Seven years ago I started to write a story. It grew like topsy. I was squeezing an epic series spanning thousands of years into a single novel. So I found break-points and spread the tale over three, then four, books with yet more in view.

I knew there was no way a novice author should launch a 6- or 7-book series on an unsuspecting reading public. So I changed direction, switching to short story writing to learn the necessary skills and improve on them. Various anthologies accepted a dozen stories within a couple of years. My confidence grew.

Next, I wrote a trilogy and a novella in the open-source universe of the Paradisi Chronicles, learning from the successful authors in the project, to whom I will be ever grateful.

In the background, I ran my upcoming classic noir novel, “Private Vices“, a few chapters at a time past a local critique group. It’s now been with developmental and line editors and gained warm messages from prominent authors in the detective novel genre.

  • M. Ruth Myers “Has all the elements of a 1950s private eye yarn”
  • M. Louisa Locke “Loved this book, a classic LA Noir with a twist of the paranormal”

Okay, so I’m ready to press on with the epic series.

But that’s another story, for next time.

Meanwhile… whatever you’re reading, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “About a Story, Maybe

  1. I’m so glad you’re close to publishing your ‘heart’ story, although I bet it’s very different to what you originally wrote. Parts of my heart story showed up in the Innerscape trilogy, but I have yet to rewrite/complete the core.
    I’m looking forward to reading your LA noir!


    1. It’s not TOO different. An important benefit of delaying publication is continuity. Key elements in later novels need to be set up in the earlier ones. I’d rather see them coming and build them in early instead of running into plotholes later and unconvincingly fluffing the background!

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      1. Oh I agree! I wrote all 3 books of Innerscape and then published them. I didn’t have to change much but there were some themes that emerged in the later books that I wanted to foreshadow in the early books. So I did. 😀


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