Twenty Percent

Luxembourg in Winter

Greetings from Luxembourg, where the early morning snow has melted away (just like 2019 is doing).

(The photo is of the city looking beautiful in deep winter: we only had a scattering of snowflakes this morning and this looks much prettier.)

Wake up call!

Almost twenty percent of the year is already lost in the in the mists of memory. We should all make the most of the remaining months before they slip away too.

So do I take my own advice? Er… Does anyone?

I got around the New Year’s Resolution issue in my usual way: I resolve not to make any resolutions, thereby breaking the “promise-to-self” in the making of it and hence shedding the guilt before it starts.

The pain of my major dental work and unrelated legal issues are fading and I’ve started writing again. My much-delayed “classic noir” novel should be on the electronic shelves in a few months and I’m submitting a few short stories for anthologies to be published later in the year.

Meanwhile (I know you are all waiting with bated breath for these gems of literary genius), there are a couple of “Free and 99c” ebook promotions running in March. Here’s one…

For Avid Science Fiction and Fantasy Readers

Here’s a promotion that lasts until Friday 15th March, so click the image below and go browse the offerings now!

Free and 99c SFF Promo

Happy reading!


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