The Writing Game

This writing game is a bit of a strange adventure.

Telling Lies

A fiction writer tells lies in a vacuum. S/he tells lies about things that didn’t happen to people who don’t exist. And there might be no one listening…

(Hello? Anyone there? I’ll carry on and you can catch up later.)

Writers write – right?

Well, yes. But “indies” (self-published authors) also handle cover design, editing, formatting, publishing, marketing… and all the rest. Writers can either struggle to do all this themselves or get experts to do it for them. These non-writing activities erode scribbling time and distract from lyrical and narrative creativity.

BUT… many indies just don’t have the full range of skills required: few people do. So we have a potential learning curve… do it yourself, realize your error, and fix it.

And so, it’s time to own up…

The original cover concept for my sci-fi trilogy was my own work. The artist faithfully followed my concept and produced exactly what I asked for and I commend her work.

But my concept was… “dated” and “frankly unexciting” (to quote the kinder comments from my closest, dearest, and most honest friends). I decided to get a genre-specific artist to produce new covers.

I’ll be re-launching my trilogy this weekend with those new covers!

Keep watching this space 😉


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