Final Flight and Win-A-Kindle


 I’ve finally had to admit it. I’m over-committed.

I never planned to spam my blog followers with daily ramblings. Twice or thrice a month would suffice. But I’m down to one post a month.

So I changed the tagline in my posts to “An occasional blog”. Truth is good. (Unless, of course, you’re a politician of any persuasion.)

So why am I swamped?

I’ll go into that next time. I’m too over-committed to write out a long self-pitying moan-piece today.


Instead, I present for your delectation and delight:-

  • a new release, and
  • a Win-A-Kindle Contest

New Release: Final Flight

In my Janus Paradisi novels, “Faces of Janus” and “Janus Challenge”, characters refer to a side adventure that didn’t make it into the novels’ final edits.

So I wrote it up as a standalone short story:

May 2094: the Earth is failing. Its rich elites are fleeing the planet to a distant safe haven.

The final ship is preparing to depart. The last batch of passengers race across the world to catch the space elevator to the orbiting ship before launch.

Suicide bombers seek to destroy the elevator, launching tsunamis across the Pacific and cutting off access to the last remaining escape ship. Their only opposition is a security team chasing just behind.

Will the dream of entering Paradise be destroyed?

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Kindle Giveaway – Jul 2018

Enter this easy competition to win a brand new Kindle Paperwhite, sent straight to your door! This great Amazon e-reader comes packed with features, reduces eye strain, and is perfect for reading great Sci-Fi and Fantasy books.


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