Cover Reveal: Janus Arrival

At last – the concluding part of the Janus Paradisi trilogy!

You’ve been very patient – thank you! (2017 was a pretty tough year, to be honest.)

But right now, the book’s running through final checks before its upcoming launch: you can pre-order it HERE.

Paradise is a ride away – if you survive the journey.

So near, yet so far away…

SS Challenge has arrived in the Andromeda galaxy. Their landing party is held hostage by a colony on the planet Tenebra. Communications are cut off.

Tenebra’s military forces launch an attack on the ship. Slavery and worse horrors await the ship’s population if the ship is taken.

Zag Bishop must lead his forces into battle in space and on land. In the mines under the planet’s surface, Angel Flores and Katya Ulyanov struggle to survive and escape their forced labor prison.

Crucial decisions are forced upon everyone about their future in this galaxy.

As the enemy’s fleet gathers around their ship, the ten thousand travelers from Earth face slavery or death.

Who will reach paradise? And will it be a true New Eden for them?

Available for pre-order HERE.

Happy reading!

10 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: Janus Arrival

    1. Many thanks! I wanted the three covers to show the different stages of the journey.
      2017 was a difficult year for me – I’d hoped to publish Janus Arrival last autumn, but sometimes life gets in the way.
      Now to get working on with my next book 😉

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    1. Hi Brian,

      I started the trilogy back in 2015 but had to rip apart the first book “Faces of Janus” when I realized the three years covered had two 6-month periods when NOTHING happened. Almost a total rewrite of 80% of the book for consistency, continuity, and credibility of time passing. Published November 2016.

      The whole process for “Janus Challenge” took 4 months, but I knew exactly what was going to happen. I’m not a plotter, it was just all clear in my head. Published April 2017.

      “Janus Arrival” was almost completed by September 2017, but events got in the way.

      So I guess that’s 3 years overall.


  1. Great cover. Best of luck on the final in the Trilogy. Consistency, continuity, credibility…critical, but hard to corral. Try writing a ten book saga and keeping all the details straight. Makes me craz…ier.


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