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Turning Worlds

So much catching up to do now my I’m back home! The world just keeps on turning, even if I’m not watching it. (Quantum physicists are invited to comment below on that observation.)

Distribution Channels

My novels’ distribution network continues to grow effortlessly! I use the Mention app to notify me if my name or my book titles appear on anyone’s web pages. No, it’s not an ego issue, it’s… professional… market awareness… all that stuff.

Anyway, Mention notified me that while I was on vacation, two more pirate sites started offering my first novel, Faces of Janus. As it’s part one of a trilogy, readers who like it might purchase parts two and three; those who don’t like it can’t accuse me of ripping them off. Win-win!

EmDrive and Impossibilities

NASA just published its research into this “impossible” spaceship drive that breaks current physical laws and is featured in my Paradisi novels. It seems as though it might just work. (Geek readers click here for more details.)

I do find that some of my off-the-wall science fiction ideas often turn into reality before I can publish them and get the credit. But I am in good company…

In April 1953, Golden Age Sci-Fi writer Isaac Asimov wrote a short story, “Everest”, in which yetis were Martians who would forever prevent humans from reaching that mountain’s summit. Publication was delayed until December 1953 (“Universe Science Fiction”). Mount Everest was climbed in May 1953. His story stated that something which had already happened would never happen. Oops!

And now it’s back to work, writing more impossible stuff that turns out to be true for pirates to distribute for me.

  • Whatever you’re reading, enjoy.
  • Whatever you’re pirating, watch out for parrot bites.
  • And whatever you think is impossible… wait a few minutes and look again.


2 thoughts on “Back Home

    1. Google Alerts is a similar service, but it issues different results to Mention so I use both. I have no idea why this is so; I assume they scan the web in different ways. I should do the research when I get time and find out why, so I can perhaps tweak them. But as both are free, I’m grateful for whatever they dig up for me.

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