A_Alexa_internet_logoGreat news! According to the reputable Alexa ranking system today, my blog was the 814th most accessed site from Luxembourg. So out of the teemingly uncountable* domains on the planet, a few sites like Amazon and YouTube are more popular. (Okay, those two and 811 mega-corporations and a few porn sites.)

So, villmols merci, Letzebuerg.

My global ranking for every connected person on the planet is a bit lower. Just a bit. It’s the 1,044,210th most popular website on the planet! Yay!

internet live stats* Actually, the global total is not uncountable.

How many websites in the world? Watch them grow towards 1 billion on .

So out of almost 1 billion websites in the known universe, mine is almost in the top 0.1%.

Thank you, world!

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