Writers Write, Right?


My blog has been a little quiet these past weeks, as I’ve been catching up on some writing.

I have seen a few independent writers recently close down their blogging activities on the grounds that they wanted to spend more time with their work-in-progress novels.

Writers write, right?

Well, yes, but…

The demands of the ever-growing web of social networks is insatiable.

My solution? To limit my activities to a few channels:-

  • this blog (and thank you for reading me, by the way)
  • LinkedIn – a wonderful set of groups (forums) to exchange views and info with other writers
  • Twitter (but I ask myself, does anyone really read a fraction of what is posted?)
  • facebook… well, the page is there, but as limitations grow on how many followers a post can reach, it seems to be decreasingly relevant, so I am switching to…
  • Google+ (I’ll see how this goes)

And, of course, every week I receive yet another invitation to set up an Author Page on yet another book-listing site. When the time comes to update my photo – some say this is already overdue – or my list of published works, it will take a week to do the administration. So I am limiting myself to:-

  • Amazon
  • Smashwords
  • Wattpad

And I have not yet reached the stage of finding editors, proof-readers, cover designers, ebook formatters, marketeers…

Writers write, right?

However, I have been working hard while I’ve been away from the blog…

  • I recently wrote and submitted a half-dozen, brand-new stories to various themed anthologies, to good receptions. Publication dates run from mid to late 2014, so I hope to have lots of covers to add to my newly-created Author Pages (see below).
  • I’m at the “responding-to-editorial-changes” stage on several of the stories. It is not easy to hack away at one’s own creative gems, to “Kill your darlings” as William Faulkner put it.
  • I’ve set up those Author Pages I mentioned and prepared a number of short stories to upload to Wattpad
  • I’ve also been learning lines and starting rehearsals for a stage play, in the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS)

Oh, what a busy life it is, once you retire 😉

END NOTE : Earlier in the year, I resolved to work on the backlog of stories started – but never completed – when new ideas intrude on the work-in-progress, my series of far-future novels. Well, I have partially succeeded; the number of uncompleted stories is reducing, although a few new ones have joined the queue.

Onward and upward!

6 thoughts on “Writers Write, Right?

    1. Many thanks, James.
      The time comes when we must set our priorities – to write or to promote or to be a publisher. I wanted to write, and am questioning my original intention to self-publish. So I am working with a number of anthologists and small publishers to avoid all the editing, formatting, cover design, etc. that I really do not want to do. It’s working well, so far.


  1. zentalfloss

    I cannot agree more – what a busy life it is . . . once you retire! A little late to the party on this post, but am noodling around your blog, enjoying what I read. And looking forward to reading more. Laura


    1. Hi Laura – welcome to my blog and I’m glad you like what you see.

      Just finished the theatrical adventure, to good reviews, and the final edits for some short story anthologies being published over the summer… Now to catch up with my Blog and also to spend some time with my beloved work-in-progress;-)


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